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Folk on the Mount, “Cloudy Day” — November 6, 2010

Having hosted Rock on the Mount for the last four years, Mountain Bible Church embarked upon Folk on the Mount. We had a good time, despite inclement weather. Next time, we’ll schedule the event in the early fall or spring. The cold was fairly rough on the musicians! All of the performers were from Mountain Bible:

1. Lukas Brockenbrough and Mark Adams
2. Jared Wilson
3. Matthew Stewart
4. James Jurado
5. Mark Adams

Performances —

Lukas Brockenbrough and Mark Adams

1. 59th Bridge Street Song (Simon & Garfunkel)
2. This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

The audio recording is variable, so you’ll probably enjoy the video more.


Jared Wilson
Jared played at Rock on the Mount earlier this year with Seeking Savior. Today, he played alone, performing a few covers and some originals.

[audio:FOTM01-Jared Wilson.mp3]
The first song of Jared’s set was not recording properly, so I’ve cut it from this recording.

[hdplay id=4 ]
Note: The video takes a while to stream — you may want to hit pause for a few minutes and then play.


Matthew Stewart
Matthew played at Rock on the Mount a couple of years back. Here, he plays songs from his Rock on the Mount set, but in the “folk” style.



James Jurado
James has played a couple of times at Rock on the Mount. Once with the “b-stage” band and once with me.



Mark Adams
Folk music has a special place in my heart. Having performed at Rock on the Mount the last four years, I wanted to play more in the “folk” style. For the last song, Jared Wilson joined me.


[hdplay id=5 ]

1. Let Us Walk
2. Do Not Destroy
3. Walking Too Close to the Edge
4. Shed For You
5. Grace of God
6. Peacemakers — with Jared Wilson

© 2010, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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