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Rackerby Community Church — November 13, 2010

Set list for Rackerby Community Church performance

Rackerby Community Church is a good group of people. I preached here last summer, and had the pleasure of playing a concert here tonight. I played the following (all songs original, unless otherwise indicated):

1. Jesus is the Way
2. A Voice in the Wilderness
3. Till He Comes Around
4. Highways Heading Home
5. I’ll Press On
6. Walking Too Close to the Edge
7. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
8. Hurt (Trent Reznor)
9. Redemption (Johnny Cash)
10. Peacemakers
11. Do Not Destroy

12. Nothing But the Blood (instrumental)

13. Holy One (Lamb of God)
14. I Need You
15. Let Us Walk

“Jesus is the Way” and “A Voice in the Wilderness” are new, and this was the first time I performed them. I also played “Behind Blue Eyes” for the first time.

Jesus is the Way

A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness

© 2010, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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