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Mountain Bible Church — January 29, 2011

It was great seeing everyone come by Saturday night for the Gospel Days show. Jared Wilson opened and later played a couple of songs with me. I’ve got video of the event, need to make an appointment with the geniuses at the Apple store to figure out how to transfer it to my computer. I’ll post songs to YouTube soon. Special thanks to Lee Kalem, who set up the sound and played a few numbers with me.

Here are the setlists:

Jared Wilson
1. Foolish Games (see demo video here)
2. Salvation is Here
3. Dreaming Eyes

4. Daughters (John Mayer cover — see demo video here)

Note: Jared Wilson and his band, Seeking Savior, will be playing at Twin Lakes Church, Feb. 25. Stay tuned for details. Also, visit SeekingSavior.com.

Gospel Days, also featuring Lee Kalem and Jared Wilson

1. Jesus is the Way
2. A Voice in the Wilderness
3. Till He Comes Around
4. Highways Heading Home
5. Walking Too Close to the Edge — with Lee Kalem
6. Heart of Gold (arrangement of Greensleeves, traditional lyrics) — with Lee Kalem
7. Holy One (Lamb of God) — with Lee Kalem
(Jared Wilson performs Daughters)
8. Grace of God — with Jared Wilson
9. Peacemakers — with Jared Wilson

To hear the Gospel Days debut album, The Lesser Brother, press here.

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