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Orchard Valley Coffee — February 11, 2011

A good night. I felt like singing this night; thus, the long set:

1. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
2. She’s Like the Wind
3. Walking Too Close to the Edge
4. Rain in my Heart (arrangement)
5. Heart of Gold (arrangement)
6. On & On and Everywhere
7. I Was Writing This in the Cafe
8. Fortress
9. I For You
10. Highways Heading Home
11. I’ll Press On
12. I Need You
13. When We Were Young
14. Let It Be Romance
15. Always
16. Woman Walks Alone
17. Rain in my Heart (arrangement)
18. A. Lincoln

Rain in my Heart
[audio:OVC20111102Rain in my Heart.mp3]
On & On and Everywhere
[audio:OVC20111102On and On.mp3]
Let It Be Romance

I played “Let It Be Romance” and “On & On and Everywhere” for the first time tonight. “Rain in my Heart” is a song adapted from the Edgar Lee Master’s poem of the same name.

© 2011, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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