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Live: “From Wake Robin Studios”

I bought an Olympus recorder, so I’m taking a stab at recording my own demos. I’m still learning. Tonight, I messed around with six songs, posted here:

1. Rain in my Heart (arrangement)
2. A Little Romance (original)
3. Highways Heading Home (original)
4. I’ll Press On (original)
5. Rio (Duran Duran cover)
6. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)

1. Rain in my Heart 2. A Little Romance 3. Highways…
[haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/RainInMyHeart.mp3″ title=”Rain in my Heart” graphical=”true”] [haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/ALittleRomance.mp3″ title=”A Little Romance” graphical=”true”] [haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/Highways.mp3″ title=”Highways Heading Home” graphical=”true”]
4. I’ll Press On 5. Rio 6. Behind Blue Eyes
[haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/Illpresson.mp3″ title=”I’ll Press On” graphical=”true”] [haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/Rio.mp3″ title=”Rio” graphical=”true”] [haiku url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2011-04-02-Wake-Robin/bad.mp3″ title=”Behind Blue Eyes” graphical=”true”]

I’ve played my arrangement of Duran Duran’s “Rio” at a few open mics. I usually make it up as I go.

© 2011, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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