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Caffe Trieste — April 14, 2011

Upper left — This is the first time I played in San Francisco. It was quite an experience.
Upper right — I played at Caffe Trieste, a charming coffee house with an extraordinary history.
Lower left — The Hungry I once featured folk music. The Kingston Trio played here in the 1960s. In 1981, the Hungry I to a topless club, which then called itself the Hungry I Club, no doubt hoping the name would draw people to their establishment (I’m not sure why, though; after all, if you’re wanting to hear folk music, are you really going to opt for a lap dance?) Interestingly enough, the history of the Hungry I includes a fellow named Mark Adams (see Wiki).
Lower right — A photo of Bob Dylan at City Lights bookstore near Caffe Trieste.

[wpaudio url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/live-samples/CaffeTrieste/Heart%20of%20Gold.mp3″ text=”Heart of Gold (arrangement)” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/live-samples/CaffeTrieste/01-On%20and%20On.mp3″ text=”On & On and Everywhere (original)” dl=”0″]

The show: I had just replaced the strings on my guitar, and for the first few songs, the “b” string kept slipping out of tune. I should have just tugged on the string, eliminating the slack that was causing the problem, but it didn’t occur to me to do that until the string finally slipped into place.

Set one —
1. On & On and Everywhere
2. Song to Myself
3. Fortress
4. I For You
5. Walking Too Close to the Edge
6. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
7. Highways Heading Home
8. I’ll Press On
9. Blowin’ in the Wind (Dylan)

Set two —
1. Heart of Gold (arrangement)
2. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
3. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allan Poe
4. L’Envoi, by Edwin Arlington Robison
5. The Helping Hand, by Edgar Lee Masters
6. I Need You

Set three —
1. Rain in my Heart, by Edgar Lee Masters
2. Caesar’s Lament
3. Woman Walks Alone
4. All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
5. Old Man Jack
6. She’s Like the Wind

© 2011, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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