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East Village Coffee Lounge — May 20, 2011

What a wonderful venue: good coffee, atmosphere and interesting people. East Village Coffee Lounge is definitely the place to get a cup of your favorite brew. I played two sets — mostly original music, though a few covers also.

Set one:

1. On & On and Everywhere
2. Caesar’s Lament
3. Heart of Gold (arrangement)
4. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allan Poe
5. L’Envoi, by Edwin Arlington Robison
6. Rain in my Heart, by Edgar Lee Masters
7. What is Love? (written by Dennis McGee)
8. Walking Too Close to the Edge
9. I For You
10. Highways Heading Home
11. I’ll Press On
12. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allan Poe (played again for arriving patrons)
13. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)

Set two:

1. With or Without You (U2)
2. All I Want is You (U2)
3. Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Dylan)
4. Folsom Prison Blues (Cash)
5. She’s Like the Wind
6. Woman Walks Alone
7. A Day of Peace

© 2011, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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