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Open mic — Cupertino Britannia Arms (12)

The featured act did not show, so the rest of us got to play a few more songs than usual. It was a good night.

[wpaudio url=”http://wanderingpoet.com/audio01/2012-Brit-open-mics/WanderingPoet-at-the-Brit.mp3″ text=”Live at The Brit” dl=”0″]

1. Let Us Go (original) — didn’t make recording, though
2. She’s Like the Wind (original)
3. An Old Story, by Edwin Arlington Robinson
4. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
5. All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
6. I Need You (original)

“Let Us Go” is based loosely on T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” and I thought I’d try it out this night for the first time. “An Old Story” was written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, adapted for music, and played here for the first time as well.

© 2012, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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