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Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra Festival — May 1981

I started the violin in the fifth grade, playing my first concert at the Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra Festival in 1981. I decided to learn the violin after hearing a classmate play “Old MacDonald” in Mrs. Ferguson’s fourth/fifth-grade class. For whatever reason, I was quite impressed and decided I would learn the instrument. I had to wait a year, though, because I was only in the fourth grade, and one could only start music lessons in the fifth grade.

My parents rented a 3/4-sized violin from a local music store, and I began practicing. Lesson were quite rudimentary, definitely not the Suzuki method! Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing. I was part of a school orchestra from then on.

If you choose to download, just remember, this is a fifth-grade orchestra and most everyone’s first performance. A profound thanks to our music teachers, especially for their patience and endurance.

If you played in that festival (what are the odds?), please e-mail.

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