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Calvary Walnut Creek outreach at Saxbys Coffee — June 5, 2009

Here is my set list, more or less as I remember it — originals, unless otherwise indicated:

1. Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer) — see video
2. Psalm 40
3. Highways Heading Home
4. I’ll Press On
5. Shed For You
6. Grace of God
7. He Has Said Today
8. Peacemakers
9. John the Baptist
10. If He Comes Tonight
11. Till He Comes Around

— Testimony and word

12. What is Love? (by Dennis McGee)
13. By the Sea
14. Amazing Grace (arrangement)
15. Lord Jesus Christ
16. Fortress
17. I For You
18. I Will Celebrate the Lord
19. Nothing But The Blood (instrumental arrangement)

This may seem like a long set list, but many of my songs are in the two-minute range.

I had wanted to play “Live in Me,” by James Jurado, the worship leader at my church, but I was unable to master a few of the chords. I hurt one of my fingers earlier this week, and I didn’t have as much time to practice as I would have liked. A similar thing happened last year before Rock on the Mount — I jammed a finger very bad and wasn’t able to practice until two days before the concert. At least this time I was able to practice despite some finger problems, but I wasn’t able to master “Live in Me,” a song that is really special; check it out at SongJury.com. I hope to add it to my set some day.

© 2009, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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