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Rock on the Mount — August 22, 2009


What an awesome day. Johannes and Third/Crow rocked. I opened, as Gospel Days, playing…

1. Fortress
2. I For You
3. Grace of God
4. Dirty Old Mug w/ speech on folk music
5. Lord Jesus Christ
6. Amazing Grace
7. I Will Celebrate the Lord
8. What is Love? (by Dennis McGee)
9. Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer)
10. Peacemakers
11. Today!
12. Shed For You
13. By the Sea
14. I Need You

Todd Brown played drums for the first seven songs. James Jurado and Michael Gardiner played on the last six. In between, I played “What is Love?” by my friend, Dennis McGee. I enjoy playing that song, and contemplating its lyrics.

© 2009, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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