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Orchard Valley Coffee — October 16, 2009

My fourth appearance at OVC in Campbell. Here’s the first set:

1. Dirty Old Mug
2. Highways Heading Home
3. I’ll Press On
4. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
5. I Was Writing This in the Cafe
6. Fortress
7. I For You
8. Old Man Jack
9. We Never Said Goodbye
10. A. Lincoln
11. I Need You
12. When We Were Young

First set (one file) — [download id=”23″]

A friend came around later, so I played a few songs again. Here’s the second set:

1. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
2. I For You
3. I’ll Press On
4. Dirty Old Mug (with narration)

This whole night probably shouldn’t have happened. I’ve been vexed with a sinus infection and lately was prescribed antibiotics. But I didn’t want to cancel, and was mostly solid.

© 2009, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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