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Soap Box Alley, KSAR15 studios — May 22, 2010

I performed three songs for KSAR15’s “Soap Box Alley,” a community show about church and life. Joey Johnson and Lu Hughes of Johannes, played guitar and percussion respectively. There were several takes of each song:

1. Peacemakers
2. Lord, Take My Hand
3. Holy One (Lamb of God)

Johannes also played. Here’s their set:

1. Shine
2. Politics
3. Beautiful

Visit JohannesMusic.com.

It will be some weeks before these recordings will be featured in episodes of “Soap Box Alley.” Stay tuned for details.

I placed my Olympus recorder in the back of the studio. Here are some unmixed recordings of these sessions. For the actual show, the audio will be better, as all studio-session recordings passed through the mixing board. I’ve placed studio versions from my new album, The Lesser Brother, below these “raw” recordings:

“Peacemakers,” Soap Box Alley session:
[pro-player type=”mp3″]http://gospeldays.com/audio/Peacemakers-Soap_Box_Alley.mp3[/pro-player]

“Peacemakers,” from The Lesser Brother:
[pro-player type=”mp3″]http://gospeldays.com/audio/1 Audio Track.mp3[/pro-player]

“Holy One (Lamb of God),” Soap Box Alley session:
[pro-player type=”mp3″]http://gospeldays.com/audio/Holy_One-Soap_Box_Alley.mp3[/pro-player]

“Holy One (Lamb of God),” from The Lesser Brother:
[pro-player type=”mp3″]http://gospeldays.com/audio/Holy-One.mp3[/pro-player]

© 2010, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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