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Steeltown Coffee & Tea — August 28, 2010

Pittsburg CA is turning into quite a town. I played at Steeltown Coffee & Tea, rather enjoying the location and clientele. I played two sets, performing original music, covers and arrangements.

Set One:

1. Scarborough Fair (arrangement)
2. I Was Writing this in the Cafe
3. Fortress
4. I For You
5. Highways Heading Home
6. I’ll Press On
7. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
8. Rio (Duran Duran)
9. With Or Without You (U2)
10. All I Want is You (U2)
11. Walking Too Close to the Edge — first performance
12. Old Man Jack
13. We Never Said Goodbye
14. A. Lincoln
15. Amazing Grace (arrangement)

Set Two:

1. Greensleeves (arrangement) — first performance

Here is a rough demo version of Greensleeves, recorded in my living room:

2. She’s Like the Wind
3. I Need You
4. Saved By Zero/All Along the Watchtower (The Fixx/Dylan)
5. Bullet the Blue Sky (U2)
6. Do Not Destroy
7. Peacemakers
8. Blowing in the Wind (Dylan)
9. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Dylan)
10. Woman Walks Alone
11. When We Were Young
12. Dirty Old Mug

Steeltown Coffee & Tea calendar of events: http://www.steeltowncoffee.com/Steeltown_Coffee/events.html

© 2010, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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