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Open mic — Bethany Presbyterian Church (3)

I’ve played at the open mic at Bethany Presbyterian Church in San Bruno three times now. It’s a long drive from Los Gatos, but well worth the miles. The open mic is entertaining, featuring church talent and visiting performers, and the audience is friendly.

I played…

1. Let Us Walk (original)
2. Do Not Destroy (original)

I flubbed the lyrics at the start of “Let Us Walk.” I should have sang, “Oh house of Jacob, come let us wal, in the light of the Lord, for mercy triumphs, and anger is soon turned away by his love.” This was the first real performance of the song. I sang it also at Mt. Hope Bible Camp, but as background music during prayer time, somewhat abbreviated and even more mellow.

Bethany Presbyterian Church website, press here. The open mic is held on the third Saturday of each month.

I stopped at Lunardi’s beforehand. It overlooks the canyon where the natural-gas explosion took place. I was considerably saddened by the scene: a swath of homes leveled, a grove of trees torched. Along San Bruno Ave., people stopped to view the area. It’s hard not to stop and to wonder. In one brief moment, so many lives changed, so many dreams disrupted. We are very frail beings. My thoughts and prayers go out to that community.

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